Continuing Education Policy

PLEASE NOTE: Prior to submitting your Online Application and fees, please review the following pages related to PNAI membership:

Program Overview

Definition. Any educational endeavor that reasonably could be considered beneficial to the work of the investigator. Continuing education may be obtained: a) through participation in conferences or educational courses offered by trade schools or colleges, whether as an attendee or a presenter; b) through independent studies; c) by publishing articles related to the field of investigation; and d) as otherwise provided by PNAI.

Scope. The PNAI Program of Continuing Educations affords its members and participants the opportunity to enhance their professional development as private investigators through the accumulation of continuing educational hours or units earned from various academic, insurance, investigative, and professional resources. The program is mandatory for all PNAI Regular and Lifetime members to enhance and improve their educational and professional development. PNAI Associate members and non-PNAI private investigators are welcome to enroll and voluntarily participate in this program. A nominal fee will be assessed to defray administrative costs.

Requirements. The program requires that an Investigator issued a private investigator’s license must complete at least sixteen (16) hours of continuing education every year to be compliant with this program. Submissions are made to the PNAI Continuing Education Committee (CE) prior to renewal of their license. PNAI members and participants will be issued a separate credential card reflecting satisfactory participation in the PNAI CE Program.

Opportunities. PNAI will publish for consideration by its members and participants continuing educational opportunities from various academic, insurance, investigative, and professional resources. Members and participants may choose, at their option, any of the opportunities listed or posted therein, or other resources subject to acceptance by the PNAI CE Committee (See “Resources” Tab). PNAI members and participants are encouraged to provide feedback to the CE Committee.